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                        Biosect insect control products are engineered and priced to function exceptionally and provide superior value for endusers.

            BIOSECT INDOOR FLY TRAP  (non - UV)
            For Home / Small Restaurant (i.e. Coffee Shop)
              (New Version Coming)

                                                                                           A major  breakthrough  in indoor fly management. Compare with other indoor fly traps.

                                                                                           Developed from extensive research and incorporating proven technology, the Biosect
                                                                                           Indoor Fly Trap is specifically designed to effectively lure and trap many types of indoor flies.

                                                                         Biosect traps are convenient and long-lasting. Attractant is released from an easy-to-handle
                                                                                           dispenser and the package contains everything required to manage flies indoors for up to two
                                                                                           months. Traps can be easily suspended or placed.

                                                                                           Biosect traps are clean, containing no pesticide or producing any objectionable vapors.
                                                                                           Captured flies also remain out of sight.




 Yellowjacket Wasp Lure



                                                                           • Developed from the latest research. Extendilure “plugs” are designed to substantially
                                                                              increase the effectiveness of many types of wasp or yellowjacket traps.

                                                                            • Long lasting and eliminates hazardous rebaiting. One lure can last up to four weeks, depending on temperature.

                                                                            • Eliminates the need to handle liquid attractant.

                                                                             Complete with easy to use instructions for use with all yellowjacket wasp traps.

                                                                 For Retailers / Dealers: (PDF Brochure). Enquire about dealer pricing programs: mail "at"




Innovative Products and Technologies Developed From Biosect's Extensive Involvement With Mosquito Abatement Programs


BITEBAN® Personal Mosquito Protection




                                             • Advanced, Non-Deet Formulated Personal Protective Wristband

                                             • Developed Based On Broad Natural Product Research, Non-Deet and Child-Safe     

                                             • Easy-to-use, No Topical Application

                                             • Reuseable and Water-Proof for Long-lasting Effectiveness - Includes 3 "Hyper-loaded", Recyclable Refills for Up To 2 Weeks of Protection

                                             • Comfortable Design,  Fashionable Colors Available








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