Wall mount Glueboard Trap UVIFT1
Wall mount Glueboard Trap UVIFT2

                                                                                                    BIOSECT ENHANCED GLUEBOARD FLY TRAPS  

With patented  "LumiChem" technology for the RESTAURANT / FOOD SERVICE TRADE

Biosect Glueboard Fly Traps are engineered for maximum control and containment in sensitive areas where area sanitation is crucial.  Attracted to Biosect's revolutionary UV light and non-toxic, controlled-release lures, flies are permanently captured on the scatter-free glueboards and easily disposed of. The traps are noiseless,  incorporate sleek, low-cost designs, and are easy to maintain.

 Biosect® Wall Mount Fly Traps UVIFT1 and UVIFT2


Models UVIFT1 and UVIFT2 utilize low-wattage bulbs or LED emitted UV light. These UV sources are long-lasting, economical, 100% safe for sensitive areas, and FDA / USDA acceptable. Glueboards and Chemlures® are included.  Traps can be placed strategically and will attract insects from the entire operating area. The traps operate continuously (24 hours) even without the UV light activated, further reducing operating costs. Compared to average UV glueboard traps, the superior effectiveness and significantly reduced operating costs enable Biosect traps to pay for themselves in a fraction of the time. Biosect Glueboard Fly Traps provide superior results in:


  • Restaurants / Dining Areas / Cafeterias
  • Hotels
  • Deli / Meat Handling / Bakery Facilities
  • Food Preparation / Service Areas
  • Coffee Shops
  • Fast Food Outlets
  • Agriculture / Poultry / Veterinary Facilities
  • Washroom Facilities


Glueboard Fly Trap Model UVIFT1 




ABS Finish

LED Strip: 1   Reorder: 1 / Pack
Glueboards: 6   Reorder: 6 / Pack 
Chemlures: 6   Reorder: 6 / Pack 
Shipping Weight: 3 Lbs. / 1.3 KG
Unit Dimensions:
5.00 Inches High x 5.00 Inches Wide x 15.00 Inches Long
(12.7 cm High x 12.7 cm Wide x 38.1 cm Long)

(Enquire regarding product availability) 



Glueboard Fly Trap Model UVIFT2 




ABS Finish

LED Strip: 1   Reorder: 1 / Pack
Glueboards: 6   Reorder: 6 / Pack 
Chemlures: 6   Reorder: 6 / Pack 
Shipping Weight: 4 Lbs. / 1.8 KG
Unit Dimensions:
9.00 Inches High x 4.00 Inches Wide x 19.00 Inches Long
(22.9 cm High x 10.2 cm Wide x 48.3 cm Long)






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